“Window” Silver Kite’s Intergenerational Theatre Company Performance

August 5, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
Rainier Arts Center
3515 S Alaska St
Seattle, WA 98118

Silver Kite Community Arts is proud to present its original intergenerational theatre production of “Window” on August 5 at 7:30pm at the Rainier Arts Center.

Silver Kite’s Intergenerational Theatre Company (ITC) creates life changing performances which bridge generations and create deep connections with audiences.

Based on the life stories of the ITC cast members (ages 19 – 80), “Window” explores generational connections through a pastiche of music, dance, dramatic and comedic scenes, and monologues.

By using the common object of a window, the cast used a unique process of dramatic play, reminiscence, and storytelling to create the performance.

The 5 men and women in Silver Kite’s cast of “Window” each represent a different decade of life, bringing unique experiences and insights onto the stage.

Cast members in “Window” include:

Patty Zeitlin, 80
Tommy Driver, 56
Pearl Klein, 50
Aviona Rodriguez-Brown, 34
Allison Letterman, 19

Director:  Zoe Wilson, 25
Assistant Director:  Claire Kiersky, 17
Choreographer:  Hayley Shannon, 25

“Window” will begin its local tour to retirement communities, schools, and community centers on June 17 and will be on tour until September 30.

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